Secret Menu....shhhhh.

The Brody-o Burger: Created by ranch-loving Brody Tubbs, the Brody-O is a cousin to the famous Rodeo Burger. Built with a handful of fresh cut fries on a loaded cheeseburger covered with peppercorn ranch. Find it here and get a bonus; a layer of tasty bacon bits that you won't find on his tamed Ranch Hand Burger! 

The PJ Queso: an original quesadilla developed by PJ McKay, consists of pepper jack cheese, chicken breast, grilled onions, bacon and ranch. Available only on the Sssecret Menu!

Jadyn-Made Pico Bomb: A huge fan of cilantro and pico de gallo, Jadyn Miller gets credit for our one and only veggie loaded fry! Handcut fries covered in cheese, then layered with pico, grilled jalapenos and topped with sriracha mayo. Bomb diggity!

The Eric Experience: a modified version of our Campfire Fries, long-time customer Eric likes it wrapped with fries and tri tip instead. Grilled with sriracha sauce and jalapenos, no veggies...just guac salsa, pico and sour cream in that wrap please! 

Fish and Chip Wrap: breaded pollock fish and handcut fries wrapped up with lettuce, tomato and Lemon Pepper mayoli. Another Jadyn original!